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£££ Are No Object For Men In Their 30’s Using Skin Care

According to a recent report in Professional Beauty, Men in their 30s spend £100 per month on skincare and grooming products, following a new study conducted by retail chain Debenhams.

The research says, 30-something men are happy to spend £50 on a moisturiser and £40 on an anti-ageing eye cream, with products including Clarins’ Moisture Balm and Elemis’ Deep Cleansing Facial Wash cited as the most desired on the market.

The study, which surveyed 1,000 men aged between 20 and 60, also found that men in their 30s are the biggest spending demographic, out-spending men in their 20s and 50s combined.

“As soon as you hit your 30s, the focus shifts to products that maintain and prevent, and money is no object,” said a Debenhams spokesperson in a statement.

“The stigma associated with male grooming has finally disappeared and men are not only willing to spend money to maintain their looks, they are also recommending products to one another, and visiting salons and spas.”

Figures from Mintel back in September show that the male beauty market in the UK is worth some £574million, set to rise to £600m by 2017.


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‘Treatments You Can Trust’

Following the recent interview with Dr Hiliary Jones on ITV’s Day Break programme, BCAM fully supports proper regulation within the industry to safeguard patient safety, with many of its members already registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Registration with the CQC means that you are regulated in a same way as hospitals and other independent healthcare providers and the standards and requirements placed upon them through that CQC registration is far more stringent than the voluntary IHAS scheme.

Read more on The Hadleigh Clinic Website

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Brotox – A Male Grooming Revolution?

Its time for the modern day man to metro-sexual up……. with the aid of botox® and other non-invasive aesthetic procedures.

10 years ago which guy would have been seen walking down the street with his man-bag. Now, you wouldn’t leave home with out it. Times have changed!

It’s referred to as Brotox (guys who have anti-wrinkle treatment) and is one of the fasted growing areas in aesthetic medicine. We are living and working longer, so the need to look your best and stay younger looking in the work place has never been so necessary.

More and more men are turning to the needle to stave off modern day stress and are realizing how important it is these days to look great now and years down the line. We have definitely caught the bug. Male grooming is in and here to stay.



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A Safe Pair Of Hands

Amid all the concern and worry over PIP, and general lack of regulation in the cosmetic industry here are a few friendly pointers to ensure your next treatment is carried out by a fully qualified professional

  1. Choose a practitioner with medical qualifications
  2. Look at their experience and askquestions when booking
  3. Look for examples of their work such as before and after pictures. Ask to see their certificates
  4. You should always receive a no-obligation consultation with explanation as to how treatments work. There should be no hard sell
  5. Refer to professional associations such as the BACD who exist to promote best practice.
  6. Listen to recommendations of people you know and trust

Finally, trust your instinct. If a treatment seems to cheap, or the practitioner rushes you or doesn’t answer your questions then look elsewhere. YOU HAVE A CHOICE


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Aesthetic Awards 2011-2012

West Essex’s very own Dr Samantha Gammell picked up one of the Medical  Cosmetic Industries most prestigious awards last month at the Aesthetic Awards 2011-2012. The event took place at the renowned Sopwell House in St Albans where the party went on to the early hours.

Dr Gammell’s Hadleigh Clinic in Buckhurst Hill was a winner in one of the most fiercely contested categories of the night – Best Clinic. She fought off many of the industries top names to round off a memorable night for the Hadleigh Clinic.

Dr Gammell has been a doctor for over 15years and has specialized in cosmetic medicine for more than 10 years. She has been practicing at the top ever since. A pioneer in many of todays most popular treatments, Dr Gammell produces some of the best results in an ever competitive market.


As one of the leading cosmetic doctors in her field Dr Gammell is also the president of the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors (BACD), where she works hard with her fellow committee board members to ensure the interests of patients and doctors alike.

The Hadleigh Clinic in Buckhurst Hill has recently had a ‘make over’ itself, and looks incredibly chic nestled among the elite, just off the Queens Road. She also practices out of her Harley Street clinic where she has been in residence for 10 years.


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Whats in your make-ups’ make-up

We all like to look and feel good, which is why every year we spend £4.6 billion on beauty products! But, do you ever stop and think what is in them…… Well, you should do.

A recent study has shown that on average , woman apply 515 chemicals to their faces everyday –  inevitably these can have a detrimental effect on your skin, which rather defeats the purpose of applying such products in the first place!

Dr Gammell has made it a personal mission of hers over the years to seek out skin care and make up that she is happy to apply to her own skin and she wants to share this information with you.

Arbonne is a 30+ year old health and wellness company founded in switerland. To discover the best skin care products in the world, come down to one of our Open Evenings on 15th & 16th November at the Hadleigh Clinic Buckhurst Hill……… Be sure to book your place early on 08456 447711 as spaces are limited.

Please see Hadleigh Clinics website for our full range of treatments from Botox® to laser hair removal.


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A Tan Without Sunbeds?

Many of us seem to do anything to get that golden suntan, but with British Summers offering more rain than sun at the moment, a lot of us resort to sunbeds, despite the constant health warnings.

But now this might be set to change. Scientists have developed a tiny implant that is placed under the skin to give a three-month tan without using sunbeds. The capsule is no bigger than a grain of rice but it is implanted under the skin and stimulates the production of melanin, allowing the skin to become darker and resemble a healthy bronzed tan.

Although the implant was initially developed by medics in order to alleviate skin conditions, experts believe it could be taken up by the beauty industry, as a staggering three million people a year currently use sunbeds.

The makers of the chip, Clinuvel, said they developed it to help patients who suffer from skin disorders. But if the implant is used in the cosmetics industry, it would be following in the footsteps of Botox, which started out as a muscle relaxant before being used in
anti-wrinkle treatment.

As soon as we hear more about this implant, we’ll be sure to let you know!

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Plastic Surgery for Pets?!

So if you thought nose jobs and face lifts were simply the preserve for us humans, think again! 

New figures out show that Britons are spending millions of pounds a year on plastic
surgery for their pets!

Absurd? Well we think so.

According to Pet Plan (the UK’s largest pet insurance provider), claims worth £1.5m were paid out in 2010 for nose surgery on cats and dogs and almost £250,000 for dental work on household pets.

The trend for cosmetic surgery on pets started in the US (obviously), where chin lifts among dogs became popular in the 1990’s to stop excessive drooling.

According to Petplan though, pets in the UK often require treatment due to medical defects rather than vanity on behalf of their owners.  Oh, I guess that’s alright then ; )

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Beauty without the pain

A US based company called BellaNovus has announced its new
line of Ouchless Needle devices – small disposable needles that numb the injection site while simultaneously cooling the surrounding area.

Good news for those of us that have Botox and dermal fillers
treatments! The needles offer a precise stream of numbing vapocoolant to the
skin just ahead of the tip of the needle before the skin is pierced.

As soon as we hear more, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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Pro-Tox: the smooth way to get ahead in Business

There’s been such an increase in city professionals getting Botox, that a new term has now been coined, “Pro-Tox” or “Professional Botox”.

City high-flyers from lawyers to traders are increasingly having botox treatments to stop them looking stressed and to gain confidence in the workplace.

Botox not only eliminates their wrinkles, making them appear calm, stree-free and more alert, but it also enables them to feel more in control. During important meetings or negotiations, their face won’t give away surprise, shock or anger as much as before – increasing their chances of success.

So if you’re looking to get rid of your professional competition and ‘play the game’ against your opposition, Pro-Tox could be the solution.

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