Silhouette Soft®

The only product on the medical cosmetic market enabling a lift effect & a regenerative effect

Treatment Info

What are Silhouette Soft Threads?

Silhouette soft® comes in the form of bidirectional, fully absorbable threads with cones. It is made in the United States and its development is based on six years of experience in suture (thread) suspension with cones used in reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery.

Where Can Silhouette Soft Be used?

SILHOUETTE SOFT® can be used to treat different parts of the face:

  • Contour
  • Lower jaw
  • Cheeks and cheekbones
  • Eyebrows
  • Neck

How Does Silhouette Soft Work?

Combatting the effects of ageing above all means restoring smoother and more toned skin, but also a more shapely face. To meet this dual requirement, silhouette soft® combines two effects: lifting and regenerating.

- The lifting effect is immediate and discreet as it is the result of compressing and elevating tissue at the time of adjusting the thread (suture). After inserting the thread suture, the doctor applies slight pressure on the treated area. In this way, the doctor reshapes the surface of the skin and makes it visibly smoother.

- The regenerative effect is gradual and natural: polylactic acid (PLA), the principal component of the silhouette soft® thread has been known in the medical field for many years (due to the fact it is both biocompatible and biodegradable), which is why surgical stitches, orthopaedic pins, screws and nails for bone fractures are all made from PLA. Once the suture is applied, the polylactic acid acts on the deeper layers of the skin and naturally stimulates your body to produce collagen. This action, which continues over time, helps increase the volume of saggy areas and restores shapeliness to the face gradually and perfectly naturally

What Is The Treatment Like?

Applying SILHOUETTE SOFT® takes around 30 minutes in a doctor’s surgery.

After a small local anaesthetic, the doctor inserts the suture under the skin to a depth of about three to five millimetres. No incision is required, as the suture is inserted using a fine needle. It is held in place with absorbable cones oriented in opposite directions (bidirectional).

Once the suture as been applied, the doctor performs slight compression of the tissue to reshape it by hand and to obtain the desired lifting effect. The non-inserted ends of the suture are cut off. One or more sutures may be applied, depending on the patient and treated area.

SILHOUETTE SOFT® can be used as a single treatment or in combination with fillers and botulinum toxin.

Is Silhouette Soft Safe?

  • The development of SILHOUETTE SOFT® is based on six years of experience in suture suspension with cones used in reconstructive and cosmetic surgery in the United States (Silhouette Lift®).
  • 25,000 procedures have already been performed in 55 countries over the past 6 years.
  • The natural substance of silhouette soft® is biocompatible and fully absorbable.
  • Application of silhouette soft® must only be carried out by a trained doctor who has been trained in the Silhouette® laboratory.
  • SILHOUETTE SOFT® is FDA approved and received CE 0499 approval and the ISO 13485 standards are in accordance with European Directive 93/42.

How Long Will It Last?

The effects of Silhouette Soft typically lasts up to 18 months.

Who Is Not Suitable?

SILHOUETTE SOFT® treatment is suitable for all skin types – testing for allergic reactions proved negative in clinical studies. Nevertheless, the use of SILHOUETTE SOFT® is not recommended if you are allergic or sensitive to biomaterials.

If you have severe ptosis or a great deal of excess skin, consult your doctor.